Who created this and why?

This project was created by our Core Team in hopes of connecting more of us online as well as in-person to help each of our community members advance their careers, make a bigger impact with causes that they believe in, and to share more Black joy.

Who is this community for?

This community is for Black founders, funders, creators, and community builders. Whether you’re running a startup, leading a non-profit, allocating capital, or creating and supporting programs in the private or public sector, we want this to be a space where you can connect, collaborate, and create. As Black founders, funders, creators, and community builders, there are few places online that allow us to be ourselves unapologetically and authentically. We want to blend the best of the online experiences with the best of offline experiences in hopes of creating a digital — and, occasionally physical — space that gives us the ability to add value by sharing knowledge while also serving as a place to simply rest amid overstimulation and emotional assault that we all experience online, in the workplace, and as we walk about this world.

What if I don’t identify as Black? Can I still get a Black@ NFT? Can I still be down?

We knew we’d get this one! As outlined in our member community guidelines, we are creating the private chat group explicitly for our Black founders, funders, creators, and community builders. That said, we will have LOTS of events open to the public for non-members to attend and contribute to. We also know that we have “friends of the community” that want to help create opportunities for folks to join as members. To accommodate that, we have created a “Supporter NFT” that will allow us to gift more memberships. Holders of the Supporter NFT will also have free access to the public events.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token that represents a unique asset that can’t be exchanged or replaced by something else. Unlike a Bitcoin — which is fungible and one can easily be exchanged for another — an NFT is like a one-of-a-kind piece of art. While there may be several copies of the artwork, the original is uniquely valuable and thanks to blockchain technology, there is a public ledger (or record) of the NFT from the moment it is created that tracks every transaction and every subsequent owner.

As long as you own your Black@ NFT, you will have access to our private group chat (so long as you meet and accept our member community guidelines), online and IRL events, as well as other perks.

What can I do with my Black@ NFT?

As a member of the Black@ community, you will have access to our private chat group (and sub groups), discounted services, and free access to in-person and online events.

What types of events will Black@ NFTs give me access to?

We expect to host online AMAs, fireside chats, as well as community-member led workshops. When it comes to in-person events, we intend to host meetups, happy hours, and parties at and around major events where our members will be in attendance.

What wallets are supported?

Rainbow, Metamask, Trust Wallet and more than 75 others thanks to Wallet Connect.

How do I get a Rainbow or Metamask wallet?

It’s super simple! Here’s both Metamask and Rainbow’s site that walks you through everything you need to know to get a wallet:

  • Download Rainbow
  • Download Metamask
  • When do the Black@ NFTs go on sale?

    Monday at 6pm ET.

    How do I get my Black@ NFT?

    You will come to this website, connect your wallet, and mint (or purchase) your membership.

    How many Black@ NFTs can I purchase?

    The maximum amount of NFTs per wallet, per transaction, is five (5).

    How much will the Black@ NFT cost?

    We are using a tiered pricing system for this release. The first 125 memberships will be listed for 0.1 ETH. After that, the price per NFT will go up based on the schedule below:

  • First 125 - .1 ETH
  • Next 50 - .3 ETH
  • Next 50 - .5 ETH
  • Next 50 - .75 ETH
  • Next 50 - 1 ETH
  • Next 50 - 1.5 ETH
  • I haven’t ever bought an NFT before. How much Ethereum (ETH) should I have in my wallet?

    While the Black@ NFTs will be sold for the prices listed above, there is an additional fee called a gas fee. Gas fees are essentially the costs you incur to process your transaction on the blockchain. Whether you’re sending something, buying something, or selling something, there is normally a gas fee involved. We would suggest having at least .05 ETH set aside to cover your gas fees. The good news is that if you have more ETH left in your wallet after the purchase of your Black@ NFT, you can leave it there safely or transfer it back to your preferred wallet.

    What happens if all of the Black@ NFTs sell out before I can buy one?

    The cool thing about NFTs is that as owners, each member will be able to decide if they would like to resell their membership to someone else. All Black@ NFTs are easily able to be listed on secondary markets like OpenSea. We will post official links to authorized secondary markets where you are able to buy a Black@ NFT from another member once the NFTs are sold out on our website.

    How many Black@ NFTs will be sold?

    The initial supply for sale will be 375 NFTs. The core team is reserving 125 NFTs for marketing, promotion, and giveaways.

    Can I suggest a Black@ NFT event or partnership?

    YES! Fill out the form on our website and we will reach out directly!

    Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

    All of your questions can be directed to our Community Manager and they will make sure to route it to the right person. You can also submit the form on our website.